What Makes You and What Breaks You on Instagram?

Every month, 1Billion people from all over the world use Instagram out of which 500Million use Instagram every day (Todd, 2019). Sailing them effectively is up to you!

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“The Power of “Hashtags” on Instagram”

Over the period of its existence “Instagram” has become more of a tool for adverts and marketing and at the same time providing its users a platform to capture and share their moments of joy to the world. In this age when everything is shifting and has pretty much shifted to digital/ online market, Instagram is proven to be of a lot of worth because it empowers its users with not only sharing pictures but to stay updated with world affairs through video clips, live video streaming and live picture sharing from the event horizon. It feels like you can keep an eye on the world just by carrying your smart-phone with you. The trends are shifting more and more towards social media marketing, advertisement companies to have shifted their medium of marketing towards social media.

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How to make an ultimate digital marketing plan for a business?

Complete Digital Marketing Plan

With the changing trends of marketing, more people are inclined towards starting up with their own digital marketing agencies. What is a digital marketing agency and how does it help a particular business in positioning itself in the minds of their consumers?

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The Importance of Digital Marketing in the Modern Era

The influx of technology has integrated our lives more than the previous generations ever anticipated. Every individual, regardless of his/her social class, has connectivity over the internet through the use of smartphones, tablets and laptops etc. With the vast amount of people present on online forums, it is vital for a business to promote itself on those particular channels as well. The conventional methods of marketing are unable to reach the audiences in a way digital marketing can. Businesses need to recognize the importance of online marketing strategies, in order for digital marketing to succeed.

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