Apart from the digital marketing services that are offered to the customers, Impact.Digital also provides traditional marketing services by partnering with it's parent brand, Impact Advertising Services.


The core team at Impact.Digital has loads of experience in the field of conventional advertising. Book designing, magazine designing, periodicals, brochures, annual reports, posters and flyers are just a few works that our designers are proficient at.


Impact.Digital has its roots in Impact Advertising Services, which happens to be an All-Pakistan Newspaper Society (APNS) accredited advertising agency. We have the ability to provide you with a platform to publish your advertisements on all national newspapers, magazines and periodicals.


Accredited by the Pakistan Broadcasters’ Association (PBA), Impact Advertising Services has served a number of clients with their campaigns on electronic media. The platforms that we can help you market on include all national and regional television and radio channels.


Impact.Digital can, furthermore, help you in getting your adverts on the outdoor mediums that include billboards,hoardings etc.


You do not need to look for any other firm to do the printing for you. We, Impact.Digital, have our own fully-equipped printing press having over more than 15 years of experience. The following is the list of machines that we are equipped with:

  • Roland 300. 6 color with Coater inter duct UV Printing Machine.
  • Heidelberg SM 102. 5 Color with Coater.
  • Heidelberg SM 74. 5 Color Printing Machine.
  • Domino 100 Pasting Machine.
  • Xerox I Gen 3 Digital Printer.
  • Bobst 102sp Dye Cutting.
  • Perfecta Paper Cutter.
  • Stahl Paper Folding Machine.
  • Sulbi MK II Glue Binder.
  • Loop and Spiral Binder.
  • Power Pin Machine.
  • Generator 300KVA.