As a fully responsible organization, our clients’ privacy concerns are of key concerns to us. We acknowledge the need of our clients for the protection of any personal information that they agree to share with us. We have created this privacy policy to guide you through the information that we might collect from our clients for various purposes. By providing us with the details, clients are deemed as to be in agreement with the terms of our privacy policy. This policy applies to the information that we will collect from our clients, through online or offline means.


We will make use of our clients’ personal information for a number of purposes. These include addressing their queries, requests, subscriptions or any other business transactions. These details might also be used to ensure compliance with our privacy policies.


In order to conduct some business operations, we might hire the services of another business. We might have to share your personal information to those businesses, only when considered necessary. However, Impact Digital will make sure that the third parties protect the personal information of the clients on the company’s behalf. The personal details of our clients will not be sold or shared with anyone without the consent of our clients. We reserve the right to share your information in special scenarios where we consider it essential to take action against someone acting against our rights or property.


In order to conduct some business operations, we might hire the services of Realizing the importance of safeguarding your personal information, Impact Digital will take all the necessary security measures to ensure that your personal information is not granted any unauthorized access. It would be ensured that your personal data is not tampered with, under any circumstances. The computers within which your data is stored would be protected from any physical interference, whatsoever. The individuals to which access would be granted would be limited. The authorized individuals are bound by obligations, failure of compliance of which might lead to serious consequences for the employee.


Keeping in mind about the rapid changes in marketing trends, we will regularly update our privacy policy. A notice would be posted on the homepage of the website, or through email to our subscribers upon the revision of the privacy policy. Impact Digital advises you to check the privacy policies regularly.