The Importance of Digital Marketing in the Modern Era.

The influx of technology has integrated our lives more than the previous generations ever anticipated. Every individual, regardless of his/her social class, has connectivity over the internet through the use of smartphones, tablets and laptops etc. With the vast amount of people present on online forums, it is vital for a business to promote itself on those particular channels as well. The conventional methods of marketing are unable to reach the audiences in a way digital marketing can. Businesses need to recognize the importance of online marketing strategies, in order for digital marketing to succeed.

According to a survey conducted by Clutch, it was deduced that the most widely used channels by businesses in order to market themselves on digital forums are social media (81%), website (78%), email (69%), display/banner ads (55%), mobile apps (53%) and content marketing (53%). Digital marketing is referred to as a simpler mode for companies to communicate themselves to the audiences they are trying to tap. Using the above mentioned portals has brought the consumers and the companies into direct contact with one another, enabling free flow of communication.

Secondly, a rising medium in this industry is the use of a technique known as the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), also known as Search Engine Marketing. Businesses, however, are not using this technique for a number of reasons. The first reason for the lack of use of SEO is the fact that the companies are not yet aware of the benefits they can reap out of their efforts with regards to SEO. Another prominent reason why businesses tend to overlook this technique is because of the time it takes to see the results. What needs to be taken into consideration is how a lack of SEO efforts could damage a company in the long run.

In addition to that, internet marketing companies can aid a business in increasing its sales. A majority of online marketing strategies are devised with a primary goal of increasing sales/revenue. Web marketing strategies enable the companies to reach a greater audience with reduced effort, hence, increasing the efficiency of the campaign.

Digital marketing, lastly, can be done for a number of reasons. Multinationals might make use of online marketing strategies in order to stand out from its competitors and gain a competitive advantage. Small-scale companies, on the contrary, can use the same web marketing strategies in order to create an awareness of their brand.

These are just a few factors that depict the importance of digital marketing in the modern era. These points indicate how vital it is for an organization to shift from traditional marketing to the digital marketing field as soon as possible.