“The Power of “Hashtags” on Instagram”

Over the period of its existence “Instagram” has become more of a tool for adverts and marketing and at the same time providing its users a platform to capture and share their moments of joy to the world. In this age when everything is shifting and has pretty much shifted to digital/ online market, Instagram is proven to be of a lot of worth because it empowers its users with not only sharing pictures but to stay updated with world affairs through video clips, live video streaming and live picture sharing from the event horizon. It feels like you can keep an eye on the world just by carrying your smart-phone with you. The trends are shifting more and more towards social media marketing, advertisement companies to have shifted their medium of marketing towards social media.

It seems like in this tough market Instagram is the savior for new and conventional/ contemporary marketers both. Since the demands and needs of the customers are shifting like the winds, marketers are required to take more and more results-driven approach. So, let’s look at how you can use Instagram and unleash the power of “hashtags” to your benefit, for example increasing the number of followers, increasing the customer base, advertise, run and launch new campaigns, etc. There are so many uses of “hashtags” that mentioning them would probably take an eon or two!

According to research using Instagram for business without using hashtags will not benefit the business at all. Since using “one hashtag” only increases the chances of engagement by the users and customers by “12.6%”. Sweet! Isn’t it? At the same time, it is analyzed that using simple “hashtags” will only generate “organic traffic” to your post and will not help to acquire the “engaged or potential tribes”. HashTags as big as they sound are only words with “#” symbol before them, so in order to grasp more and more potential audience, one has to be specific about using the hashtags in their posts. How can you understand what is specific and related to your business? That is pretty easy, just look at the niche of your business and then select the top companies, then analyze what hashtags are they using in the posts they are making. Make a list of those words and then insert them accordingly. There is one other thing which is known as your signature hashtag, which you can use just for your own product. The benefit of having a signature hashtag is that it can be solely used for the purpose of making your company a well-renowned brand (Phillips, 2017).

Instagram is gaining on the market with the speed of light since it is becoming more and more essential for it to do so; why? Because it has established an image of “most innovative digital marketing platform” Instagram was just a photo-sharing app initially, now it has completely transformed into something essential and became a part of a lot of corporate giant’s marketing strategy. Facebook itself has told that Instagram holds more than “25million” accounts of business owners from all around the globe. Instagram which is owned by Facebook peaks with its monthly active users at 800million. 90million of these users actively engage with “product tags on Instagram’s shopping posts every month.” These colossal figures indicate at one thing and one thing only, that is, OPPORTUNITY for businesses all around the world. Instagram and the use of hashtags effectively provide its users the opportunity to interact with all of these 800million users, to grasp new potential clients, sustain their customer base, similarly brand loyalty as well ( The power of the hashtag, 2019). 

Since shopping is that is loved by everyone. Whether it is window shopping or actually paying up to buy the thing we want. Trends related to shopping have been changing since the past decade and consumers are relying more and more on digital shopping. Who wouldn’t want to shop in the relaxation of home right? It saves time and the countless hours of running here and there to find that one article of clothing or anything we want. Now, it is just about scrolling up and down, selecting the desired article, post the order and et voila! Instagram is doing much for making this experience fun and easy since they have introduced the feature of ‘shopping in stories in about 46 countries around the world’. What does this feature do? It enables the brands to post their, ‘product stickers’ the users click on those stickers to check out the details of the offered products. According to research, every day about “400million users” click on stories posted by businesses and brands. Similarly, “one-third” of the posts are made by businesses and brands. Instagram is pretty much at the top of the social media chain since it offers a higher rate of engagement. According to the ‘Pew Research Center Study, Instagram offers a 4.2 percent rate of engagement per follower, which is almost 60 times higher than that of Facebook.’ Similarly, since it is about hashtags, only one hashtag increases this percentage to “12.6”. Only 30 hashtags are allowed on one post, so just imagine the engagement turnout when there are 30 hashtags attached to one post ( The power of the hashtag, 2019). So it’s a win-win situation for both right?

Instagram, is adding more and more features to enhance the user experience, there is no limit to post, no limit to the love of shopping and no limit for making your business bigger and better. Happy Instagramming!

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